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Power of Video Surveillance

While many may be familiar with the crime deterrence ability of having security cameras, there are many not so well known facts about the true power of having the a complete video surveillance system.

Video surveillance systems are an absolute must for so many organizations. Whether you have physical inventory on-site or have a facility full of high ticket items, a security system is a great way to protect your assets. However, there are several other ways that having a system can boost organizational efficiency.

Idustrial facilities are a vertical that can capitalize on having a system in many ways. Often there may be areas within the facility where it's not possible or unsafe for a human to enter. Having cameras on-site allows you to manage those areas without risking employee safety.

Another great example is traffic monitoring. This is seen frequently at airports worldwide. At security checkpoints, this is often the number one way TSA agents can effectively manage high traffic areas. Have a high traffic area? Utilizing video analytics is a great way to proactively manage traffic.

Temperature monitoring is also an avenue where video surveillance thrives. Many companies in the energy sector utilize security cameras to provide 24-hour temperature monitoring on their facilities. By using thermographic cameras, you're able to get accurate temperature readings that allow monitoring. This reduces man-hours and allows for more consistent temperature reads.

In conclusion having a video surveillance system offers a multitude of ways to benefit your business. Whether your organization is in the energy, retail, or educational sector, having a complete system is crucial to safety and monitoring.

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